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  • Classification

The way you classify your business has important implications on a myriad of issues for your new business. For example, starting a Partnership or an LLC has completely different tax ramifications than say starting out as an S Corporation. Let us advise you on what best suits your type of business.

  • Licenses and paperwork

The paperwork involved in starting a business can certainly be a mess, not to mention the number of licenses required for your business to start up legitimately. Let us help you get the right start that your industry requires. We can also advise you as you start the paperwork that will start your company.

  • Relationships

We emphasize above all else the word relationship. We want to establish a friendly relationship with you to where you can feel comfortable asking us anything, be it regarding your business or anything else you have on your mind. We can be a trusted partner in your business, helping you make more money and have more peace of mind.