Here we list some links that you may find helpful in providing crucial knowledge on taxes and other important financial factors regarding your business.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Here you can find extensive information on how to start, expand, or manage your small business.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Find vital legal information regarding your taxes, income, and other general financial tips.
  • Colorado Department of Revenue Provides an access portal to your income taxes for the State of CO.
  • Provides an access portal the IRS where you can check on you refunds, tax account, or the engaging tax publications for a riveting roller coaster ride!
  • Colorado Department of Labor This website can help you keep tabs on the state’s employment information as well as other info on the state of the Colorado labor market.
  • This website is a huge tool for information regarding every topic imaginable from thousands of sources worldwide.
  • Youth Rules! Does your business employ minors? Get the latest info regarding federal regulations on child/youth labor laws in your particular field of business at the government’s campaign.