We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services that help keep a finger on the pulse of your business. We monitor cash flows, expenses, balance sheets, and your checkbook, making sure your money and the operations of your day-to-day business are followed closely so you can make any business decisions with confidence.

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Operations Analysis

This simple analysis weighs the difference between your expenses and your sales, breaking each area into base components, allowing you to see where your money is coming from and where you’re spending it.

Financial Analysis

This section focuses on your balance sheet components. Here we examine where your assets, liabilities, and your capital lie. We break these three sections into smaller areas, helping you see exactly how your money is invested and what obligations you have financially to other parties.

Business Analysis

The business analysis area digs deep, scrutinizing what your business brings in daily, how your cash is flowing, and what your inventory looks like. Here is where we can help you customize your business and maximize profits! You can look at these reports and change the way you operate an area of your business to cut costs and increase cash.

Bank Reconciliation

Having trouble balancing that checkbook? Let us do the dirty work. We will reconcile your checking account with the bank and let you focus on your business, not the tedium of crunching those numbers to match the bank’s balance. Our reports are easy to follow and give you all the information you need to track who you’re writing checks to.

Sales Tax

We can also help with the mind-numbing experience of completing your sales tax obligations. We take care of the state, city, and county sales tax issues that your business may face.

Our bookkeeping service, believe it or not, offers these above reports and a whole lot more! Give us a call and let us get started helping you focus on operating your business, not the numbers.